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From a small country house to a modern cottage

We will help you find the right project, choose the materials you need and find the solutions that suit you best.

Construction in the shortest time possible

We will help you to plan the construction process.

Maximum energy savings

After all, what we will build today will be used by our children tomorrow.

Frame house / SIP

Houses with a wooden frame are the warmest and best in terms of the cost of construction.

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Energy saving as the meaning of life!

What are we doing?

Why choose us

For over 10 years we have been building and designing energy-saving houses.


For you as for myself
And even better.

The approach to any object is to build exactly what you need. The main task is to bring your housewarming closer to everyone in accessible ways. And to ensure comfortable and energy-efficient living in your new home.

We use the most effective materials
At the same time, the most effective does not mean the most expensive.

After all, it is better to build a energy-efficient house and gradually improve its efficiency. Than immediately aim at the obviously hard-to-reach result. Our goal is the most efficient house with the optimal budget.

Comfort and energy efficiency
Available ways

We are sure that, and we can prove this, a very economical house is available for everyone. We know what is important to lay in the very beginning of construction, and what can be improved in the process of operating the house.